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Aidlink partners 6 local organisations, in 3 African countries –Kenya, Uganda and Ghana.


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Aidlink works with 6 NGO development organisations based in Uganda, Kenya and Ghana.



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30 Years as a Partner in Development

Aidlink exists to improve the lives of those living in poverty in the developing world. Founded in 1982, we are an Irish NGO that has worked in development for 30 years.Central to Aidlink’s practice is the partnership model. Aidlink now works with 6 partner organisations in 3 African countries, Kenya, Uganda and Ghana.

Our programmes focus on the basic development needs of communities as identified by them: water, education, food security and health (including HIV and AIDS). Aidlink also operates a successful development education programme with transition year students in Ireland. The programme promotes a greater understanding of the causes of poverty and inequality in the world.



Finances 2015


Irish Aid 44%

Agencies and Groups 20%

Other Donors 36%


Expenditure on Charitable Activities 95%

Expenditure on Raising Funds 5%

Our Work By Sector


The availability of good quality and safe water impacts on all aspects of human development. One example is the effect water provision has on education.

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Aidlink programmes promote tackling health issues through an integrated approach. The principal goal is to create healthier communities. Programmes focus on access to water.

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Food Security

Food security means “when all people at all times have access to sufficient, safe, nutritious food to maintain a healthy and active life”. Over 1 billion people, are hungry.

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38 million children across Sub Saharan Africa still do not attend primary school. While Kenya, Uganda and Ghana have all introduced free Universal Primary Education.

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