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Enabling communities in Africa to tackle poverty.

Aidlink has a vision of a world that recognises the dignity of each individual person having the right, the duty and the means of self and community development. Operating in Africa since 1982, we  work through our partnership model, providing direct support to local NGOs in Kenya, Uganda and Ghana. Our development programme focuses on reaching some of the world’s poorest communities, delivering life-changing improvements in the areas of WASH (Water, Sanitation & Hygiene), Educational Environments, Health and Agriculture.

Aidlink is a small organisation of just four staff based in Dublin but the impact of our development programme is huge.

In 2015 we reached 15,500 people with improved access to water and sanitation, 18,000 children benefited from our primary school WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) initiatives, over 50,000 people now live with improved access to community healthcare in Uganda and our health programme in Kenya served a catchment of 300,000 people.


Aidlink works with 6 NGO development organisations based in Uganda, Kenya and Ghana. We believe that local communities and local organisations are best placed to manage their own development. Partnership for Aidlink means “A shared vision and commitment to work together to bring about real and sustainable benefit and change to the poor and marginalised.”

Kenya: Girl Child Network

The Girl Child Network

The Girl Child Network (GCN) is a Child’s Rights network organsiation with a clear focus on the Girl Child. Aidlink and GCN have been working in partnership on primary school sanitation programmes in Kajiado County, Kenya since 2003.

Kenya: Caritas Lodwar

Caritas Lodwar

Caritas Lodwar, the development office of the Diocese of Lodwar caters to the needs of nearly 900,000 nomadic and semi-nomadic pastoralists in Turkana County, Northern Kenya. Aidlink has worked with Caritas Lodwar for over 10 years supporting the medical programme, as well as adult education, water and livelihoods initiatives.

Uganda: EMESCO

EMESCO Development Foundation

Emesco Development Foundation is a development organisation working to enhance the social and economic empowerment of rural communities in Kibaale District, mid-Western Uganda. Aidlink and EMESCO have been working together since 2002

Uganda: VAD

Voluntary Action for Development

Voluntary Acton for Development (VAD) is a non-profit making, civil society organisation working to improve the lives of those living in Wakiso District Uganda. VAD and Aidlink have worked together since 2003.

Uganda: Caritas MADDO

Caritas MADDO

Caritas MADDO is the development office of the Diocese of Rakai and Masaka in South West Uganda, focusing on access to sustainable, safe water and sanitation services and improving food security. Aidlink and Caritas MADDO have worked together since 2000.

Ghana: Spiritans

The Spiritans Province of Ghana

The Spiritans and Aidlink have worked together in Ghana since 2004 focusing primarily on education programmes. In recent years the Spiritans have played a crucial role in Aidlink’s Development Education Programme as host organisation for the Immersion Programme to Ghana.