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The Partnership Model

At Aidlink, we believe the key to long-term, sustainable development is a strong and vibrant African civil society, whereby local people are empowered to tackle poverty and catalyse change. From a small HQ in Dublin, Aidlink works through partnership, meaning there are no Aidlink staff or Aidlink offices located in Africa. Instead, Aidlink links with local, African community based organisations to collectively deliver our work. Aidlink also commits to the development and capacity building of our local partner organisations; training staff, training boards of management and funding their organisational development to become strong, sustainable, and independent, organisations. For over 35 years, Aidlink has worked through partnership, forging relationships with local organisations and building their capacity to become development leaders in their communities.

Our Partners

Voluntary Action for Development

Voluntary Acton for Development (VAD) is a non-profit, civil society organisation working to improve the lives of those living in poverty in Uganda. VAD and Aidlink have successfully worked together on water, sanitation and agriculture programmes since 2003.

Caritas Maddo

Caritas MADDO is the development office of the Diocese of Rakai and Masaka in South West Uganda. Focusing on access to sustainable, safe water and sanitation, and improving food security, Aidlink and Caritas MADDO have successfully worked together since 2000.

Girl Child Network

The Girl Child Network (GCN) is a Child’s Rights organisation working to improve the lives of all children, with a special focus on the rights of girls. Aidlink and GCN have worked together on education and girls’ empowerment programmes in Kajiado County, Kenya since 2003.

Caritas Lodwar

Caritas Lodwar, the development office of the Diocese of Lodwar, serves a catchment area of nearly 900,000 nomadic and semi-nomadic pastoralists in Turkana County, Northern Kenya. Aidlink has worked with Caritas Lodwar for over 10 years supporting health, water and adult literacy programmes.

Amani Kibera

Amani Kibera is a youth-led, community-based organisation which has worked in the Kibera informal settlements since 2007. The organisation focuses on social justice through mobilising and organising youth participation in peace building, conflict management, and health awareness through sport, cultural, educational and ICT projects.

The Congregation of the Holy Spirit Ghana

The Spiritans and Aidlink have worked together in Ghana since 2004, focusing primarily on education programmes. They play a crucial role in Aidlink’s Development Education Programme having hosted the Aidlink Immersion Programme to Ghana over the past 12 years.