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WOW – Women on Wednesdays at Whelan’s

The festival scene leaves much to be desired as a platform for women. This year, Longitude had 25% female acts, Electric Picnic 33%, and Forbidden Fruit a mere 16%! Despite making up 50% of the global population, the dire under-representation of women, be it in politics, boardrooms or the arts, continues to serve as the status quo.

Recognising the opportunity to promote, support and celebrate the wealth of talented women out there, WOW’s mission is to provide a much needed platform for women artists and an entertaining, belter of a night for audiences.

In the spirit of female solidarity – Global North and Global South – all proceeds raised from WOW ticket sales will support Aidlink’s girls’ education projects in Kenya, tackling female genital mutilation (FGM), child marriage and gender inequality.

Join us at Whelan’s, Wednesday September 27th , 7pm – Late

All audiences welcome! (Over 18s)



Want to get involved as a performer or need more information?

Contact 087 945 9565

Where does the money go?

Aidlink’s primary school programme in Kenya is a gendered intervention which aims to make school a happier, healthier and safer place for all children, but most especially for girls. Working with our local partner The Girl Child Network, we work to achieve “girl-friendly” primary schools, which entails implementing better sanitation facilities, distributing sanitary pads, establishing and training child rights clubs and women’s groups, and providing gender sensitive training to parents and staff.