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Since our foundation, Aidlink has been committed to working with schools throughout Ireland to deliver development education, and to promote global solidarity and global citizenship.

If you would like to invite an Aidlink staff member to speak at your school about our work, please contact or call 01 4736488 or read below for more ways your school can get involved.

Aidlink School Immersion Programme

An immersion programme is a form of experiential development education which sees students from the so-called developed world ‘immersed’ in the culture and day–to-day life of  host communities in the developing world. The hosts are partner schools, congregations and NGOs who facilitate and support the visit.

For over 12 years Aidlink has organised school immersion programmes; linking schools in Ireland and Africa and facilitating unique development education experiences.

For more an overview of the Aidlink Immersion Programme see here.

For our 2016 review of the Immersion Programme see here

If you are interested in finding out more, or if your school is interested in participating in an immersion programme, please contact

Walk for Water School Campaign

In Kenya, a young girl travels an average daily distance of 6km by foot, carrying up to 20 litres of water on the journey. As a result of the time it takes to collect water, many girls are unable to remain in education and without education find themselves caught in a cycle of poverty. This directly impacts on the food security of a young woman, family or community.

For the past 5 years, Aidlink has partnered with a number of schools across Ireland on the Walk for Water campaign in order to raise awareness of impact of water poverty on children, especially girls. The campaign has been an enormous success, attracting media coverage and the attention of the general public to the needs of millions of people worldwide, as well as the work of Aidlink in responding to those challenges.

Get involved and Walk for Water in Solidarity!

Organise a solidarity walk of 6km to take place during World Water Week March 2017

Carry water in jerry-cans/ buckets as an expression of solidarity with girls in Kenya. This can be done in teams, relays or as individuals. The amount of water you carry is at your discretion!

The location and time of the 6km walk should be done at a place and time during the week that is suitable for you and your school.

We would ask that water transported is not wasted but is returned to a water source or used.

Aidlink will support your school to be part of the campaign to end water poverty, including where possible, a Aidlink guest speaker visit to your school.  If you would like to be part of the campaign contact Aishling 01 473 6488 or email