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It’s International Day of the Girl 2016 and at Aidlink we’re celebrating all things #GirlPower!

What is International Day of the Girl? 

In December 2011, in an effort to raise awareness of the challenges that millions of girls face every day, the United Nations declared that it would annually observe the International Day of the Girl Child, starting from October 11, 2012.

Why celebrate International Day of the Girl? 

Girls around the world continue to experience inequality in a multitude of ways (check out Global Citizen’s analysis here). This includes the disproportionate impact of poverty.  Today, across the globe, women and  girls make up  70% of the world’s poor.


(we ???? Malala- Girl HERO!)

How do Aidlink work to improve the lives of girls?

Aidlink and our partners in Kenya, Uganda and Ghana ensure that girls’ needs are central to our development programme. From the construction of Girl Friendly Latrines, to ensuring gender balance in community committees, Aidlink and our partners are committed to Sustainable Development Goal 5 :  Gender Equality. Learn more about SDG 5 here.SDG 5

What happens on International Day of the Girl? 

All over the world events are held marking International Day of the Girl . Schools, NGOs, women’s organisations, governments, families and individuals are celebrating in different ways. Check out the hashtags #DayoftheGirl and #IDG2016 to see whats going on around the world!

In the spirit of #Dayofthegirl we just had to re-share this video which we ????????????  from the Global Goals  released in 2016 to mark the 21st anniversary (eek!) of the Spice Girls’ original.

HAPPY #DayoftheGirl2016