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Africa Day Creative Writing Competition

Aidlink had a wonderful day-out celebrating Africa Day 2017 in Phoenix Park on May 19th. Farmleigh Estate was full to the brim with music, dance and food from all corners of the African continent. Alongside the festivities, Africa Day 2017 ran a writing competition which invited authors and poets of all ages to submit their African-themed pieces. The winning pieces are stunning and have been published here for us all to enjoy!

Everyday Africa: changing perceptions

Africa is an extremely diverse continent composed of 57 countries which between them boast over 1,500 languages and over 3,000 distinct ethnic groups! It is a continent of huge cultural, political and economic  assortment yet the developed world often maintains a monolithic perception of Africa as an homogenous. poverty and conflict-ridden country. Everyday Africa is an instagram account which contradicts and overrules this damaging perception by sharing beautiful photographs from across the continent which oppose the negative images of Africa that are often embedded in the Western mind.

Sophie Lwasa & VAD Home Help

We’re also including some footage sent to us from our partner organisation, Voluntary Action for Development (VAD) in Wakisop, Uganda. The clip shows how Sophie and her husband benefited from the sanitation system installed in their home by VAD.

Report: Drought, Gender and Adolescence

The final link we like is this excellent report published by Mercy Corps, Wealth & Warriors: Adolescents in the Face of Drought in Turkana, KenyaThe report delineates the adverse effects on the livliehoods of young people living in Turkana, an area in Northwest Kenya which has been grappling with drought for three years now. Wealth & Warriors places particular emphasis on the role that gender plays during a humanitarian crisis, highlighting additional barriers faced by girls such as younger child marriage and an increased threat of sexual violence. 

The report is very well-condensed in its brief which can be found here.