Registered Charitable Taxation no. CHY 9078

Alexis Savage and Linda Lumbasi

Trinity College Dublin | Masters in Development Practice 2016

Supervisor: Tom O’Connor, Aidlink

In 2010, Kenya passed a new Constitution that among other provisions, saw the introduction of a decentralization strategy. The decentralization process, which took effect in 2013 created two equal governing bodies: the national and county level governments. This change made nationwide matters including policy and financial budgets the responsibility of the national government, while local needs such as delivery of various services were made the responsibility of the 47 county level governments. The main objectives of this change were to bring the government to a community level, increase civic engagement, improve service delivery and quality, as well as achieve equality across the state. This research aims to determine the impact the 2013 decentralization process has had on Kenya’s Turkana and Kajiado counties, with particular consideration to the education and health sectors. This analysis concludes that whereas there have been increases in infrastructure, resources and changes to governing systems, the full extent of the impact of decentralization is yet to be realized. Read More