I’m Sofia Keogh, a Transition Year student from Sion Hill Dominican College. I worked every Thursday for 3 months in Aidlink as part of my work experience in 4th year. 

I can’t believe that 12 weeks at Aidlink have gone so fast. I barely remember my first few Thursdays; I was stressed out hoping everything I did was perfect and that I didn’t make any mistakes.

And now, after twelve weeks, I have learned so much- from how to write letters to TDs to how a small charity can make a big difference.

The first day in September started off great, I was given a tour of the small, but cosy, office, and then I was set to work, writing a blog about the climate strikes that would be posted on their website the following week. This surprised me- they were handing me responsibility right on the first day. I was grateful as it showed they thought I was capable and it was clearly a great opportunity.

I found the media watch that I did every Thursday morning a good excuse to put some time into reading the news. I was able to find out what was going on around the world, such as Kenya rolling out the world’s first malaria vaccine.

 All that and it was only 11.00am in the morning.

Other jobs such as data entry gave me the chance to learn about Aidlink’s Immersion programmes, and to see the real differences their programme made to kids in both Ireland and Africa. It showed how the kids’ education about many topics on the developing world increased majorly.

And did you know that Ireland is number 3 in the human development index? And that there is a separate international day for the girl child? I didn’t know about either–until I was reading through Aidlink’s Annual Reports one Thursday.

I am so lucky to have had this amazing opportunity, so, for all this and much more, I want to take this chance to give a huge thanks to the entire office; Aisling, Anne and Jonathan. Thank you!