Emergency Drought Appeal Kenya

Emergency Drought Appeal Kenya

A devastating drought in Kenya has left 3.5 million people, including 542,000 children are food insecure and acutely malnourished. An estimated 4 million people in Kenya are in need of humanitarian food aid. Our immediate focus is to help protect children by ensuring there is food and water in schools, but we need your help. We’re doing all we can to protect children on the front line of climate change. The situation is worsening, particularly in Turkana and we urgently need to reach more schools and more children.

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  • The Government has declared a national emergency in the wake of the disaster, which has dried up water sources, killed livestock and destroyed food crops across the country.
  • As droughts become more frequent in Kenya due to climate change, the poorest and most food insecure areas are being hit hardest, among them our target communities in Turkana and Kajiado.
  • Much of Kenya has seen the worst short-rain season in decades with 25-50 percent decrease in rainfall that normal.
  • This drought will become its worst since the early 1980s if it suffers its fourth consecutive poor rainy season this spring.
  • Turkana is among nine counties that are expected to have the highest numbers of people facing high acute food insecurity.
  • With pastoralists having to walk longer distances, up to 30km, in search of water, food and forage for their livestock, tensions among communities have risen and an increase in inter-communal conflict has been reported.

According to our Programme Manager:

“There is no water! Women and girls who had to walk 5-6 km for water are now walking much longer distances. There are no goats and the price of food staples such as beans and maize has doubled!”

Child in Turkana, photo credit Girl Child Network

What Aidlink is doing?

Our immediate focus is to help protect children by ensuring there is food and water in schools. Aidlink partners are on the ground providing life-saving food in schools to thousands of malnourished children

We are:

– Delivering food to targeted primary schools in Turkana and Kajiado

– Installing water tanks and hand washing facilities

Our initial target is to feed 10,000 children from 30 schools for one term.

€1,500 can feed one school for one month

€4,500 can feed one school for one term

€20 can feed a child for one term

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Donate Now

Women walking to collect water, Turkana, photo credit Girl Child Network

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