Immersion Programme

Our Immersion Programme

Aidlink has operated an Immersion Programme since 2004. We provide an opportunity for Irish secondary school students to attend school in one of the countries where we work so that they can get to know the culture, traditions and society, as well as the challenges, of communities in the Global South.

What’s The Benefit For Students?

Our Immersion Programme enriches the lives of participating Irish students. The insights the Immersion Programme offers Irish students contribute to building a socially conscious constituency of young people who are committed to the principles of social justice and who are attuned to the issues of international development.

Development Education

In 2012, Ban Ki Moon, Secretary-General of the UN, implored the world to “foster global citizenship. Education is about more than literacy and numeracy – it is also about citizenry. Education must fully assume its essential role in helping people to forge more just, peaceful and tolerant societies”

Development Education is the study of global issues such as poverty, underdevelopment and injustice – their causes and complexities.

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Why Immersion Programmes?

Immersion Programmes are a type of Development Education. By giving first-hand experiences of a different way of life, these programmes aim to increase awareness and understanding of the challenges people face in extreme poverty.

The idea behind Immersions is to introduce the complexity of inequality and underdevelopment in an arena where the power dynamic is more equal than the standard rich-poor or donor-recipient relationship. By doing this, immersion participants will gain increased understanding, altered attitudes towards development issues, a keener sense of global citizenship, and more desire to participate in movements towards increased social justice.

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