Walk For Water

In Turkana, Kenya a young girl can walk up to 15km to collect water for her family during the dry season, carrying up to 20 litres on her journey home. 15km is about 19,685 steps – that’s going to take you somewhere in the region of three hours.

That’s three hours that could have been spent learning. Three hours that could have been spent playing. Three hours of being a child.

Go on. Join a team to walk, jog, dance or run your way to one million steps.

What We Do

At Aidlink, we work to achieve gender equality and end poverty in Africa. We believe in reaching the furthest behind first and that means helping girls. Through our programmes, we pave the way for girls and women to flourish in society.

With 40 per cent of girls in Turkana not in school, education is the best route out of poverty. We provide access to water on school grounds or within walking distance so that thirst, or the work required to fetch water, does not keep children from school. We build inclusive bathrooms and supply sanitary pads. We provide school meals, so that hunger is not a reason to miss class; we sensitise communities on the value of education and the harm of archaic cultural practices – to keep girls in school.

To break the cycle of poverty and to keep girls in school we have to look at a child’s wider network – and we do.

We work with pastoral communities, smallholder farming families and more, to ensure that they have the knowledge to produce and use plants for food, fuel and land restoration. We deliver training on business management, nutrition and finance, as well as other skills key to sustainable agriculture. And we deliver trainings to support a child-friendly learning environment; and sensitise communities on the harm of cultural practices like child marriage.

Taking 19,685 steps each day to reach water is the reality for many girls. But it doesn’t have to be.

How Do I Get Started?

  1. Download and register with Strava
  2. Head to your JustGiving fundraising page to connect with Strava
  3. Track your exercise in the Strava app and watch as it automatically updates on your JustGiving page!

Click here to set-up your fundraising page.


You can also use a basic pedometer and take note of your steps manually (we trust you).

At the end of every week individuals or teams can e-mail their scores to info@aidlink.ie and we’ll keep track of who’s on top. The leaderboard will be published every Sunday so keep an eye out.

For any and all support, don’t hesitate to contact us at info@aidlink.ie

Every Step You Take Is One They Don’t Have To

Your one million steps – and the money that’s raised as a result – are one million steps a girl in Turkana doesn’t have to take. So go on. Join a team to walk, jog, dance or run your way to one million steps.