Our Work

Aidlink is an Irish Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) which is dedicated to enabling some of the most vulnerable people in Africa to lead healthy, happy and fulfilling lives . At Aidlink, we believe that the best way to help these people is from the ground up, working to improve the lives of children, their parents and the broader community to achieve tangible and sustainable change.

Aidlink operates via a partnership model, working closely with local Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) in Kenya, Uganda and Ghana to tackle the barriers to empowerment.  For example, Aidlink works closely with The Girl Child Network, an independent Kenyan NGO which links 300 like-minded local organisations together to implement the fundamental rights of the girl child.

Through the provision of vital funding, programme development and capacity building, Aidlink enables organisations like GCN to raise the voices of those in need, and answer those needs effectively. Approaching the problem with local expertise and resources on the ground allows GCN to make every Euro go further in action and empowers communities to continue to grow and prosper on their own terms, with ownership over their own development.

Aidlink works on the premise that we are each more powerful when we empower eachother. The solid bond and trust we have developed with GCN and other CSOs like Caritas Lodwar and VAD, and the fruits of these partnerships to date prove the effectiveness of this approach.

We are committed to empowering local people to become leaders in their own development. We stand with them, beside them and for them in every way – the boots on the ground are theirs. Localised aid puts the pen in the hands of the people, and allows them to write their own story. Through the cultivation of clean water systems, educational pathways, immunistation programmes and efficient agricultural systems, Aidlink’s support enables these communties to grow strong and thrive.