A blog from St Mary’s Killester student- Joanna Siewierska 

My school hosts an annual walk on the last day before Easter break. This year, we gave it the theme ‘Walk for Water’ to raise awareness about how in countries where access to water is difficult, girls have to walk on average 6 kilometers every day to fetch water for their schools. This, and other issues, stops girls from getting their education in developing countries, and so we decided to walk together to raise awareness of this issue.

group photoThis month, our student council organised women’s month, and this tied in with the walk. We got 50 t-shirts from Aidlink and ran a mini poster competition to raise awareness about Walk for Water and give every student a chance to win a t-shirt for the walk. We received many entries from every year group and they were put up on display in the school before the walk.

The walk itself was held on Friday the 27th of March. After 11, all students and staff set out on the 6km walk in solidarity with the girls in Africa. The weather was lovely and everyone enjoyed the walk.