Walk For Water

In Turkana, Kenya a young girl can walk up to 15km to collect water for her family during the dry season, carrying up to 20 litres on her journey home. 15km is about 19,685 steps – that’s going to take you somewhere in the region of three hours.

That’s three hours that could have been spent learning. Three hours that could have been spent playing. Three hours of being a child.

Get Involved

Every year, in March, schools across Ireland take part in the Walk for Water campaign.

Over the years, thousands of students have walked for water in their communities, raising awareness of water poverty in Africa and raising vital funds for vulnerable children.

If you and your school would like to take part in Walk for Water 2021, please contact us at info@aidlink.ie to receive your Walk for Water school pack. Our team of development specialists are on hand to help and are available to give school talks on the challenges people face in accessing water in the Global South.

For more information on Walk for Water and to get your Walk for Water school campaign pack, contact us at info@aidlink.ie