Nomadic Pastoralists

Across the drylands of Kenya and Uganda, Aidlink works with traditionally nomadic pastoralist communities: The Masai, the Turkana and the Karamajong. Reliant on their animals and a traditional way of life, eking out a livelihood in this harsh environment sees communities move vast distances in search of water and pasture. It is a tough existence, made even more difficult by the reality of living on the front lines of climate change and extended and reoccurring droughts.

Socio-economic, political, cultural and environmental challenged including drought, deprivation, conflict and a lack of education mean that pastoralists’ communities are amongst the poorest in both countries. Marginalised and facing discrimination, they score significantly below the national average in terms of access to basic rights like water, education and healthcare.

In Ghana, our work centres on our Immersion Programme and the maintenance of schools and boreholes.